Mountain Laurel
Country Store

Home Goods Store in Sutton, WV

About Us

We are a small store in a town close to the center of West Virginia called Sutton.

Our History

Located in historic Sutton, a visit to the Mountain Laurel Country Store is like taking a step back in time.

From origial tin ceilings and rare American Chestnut wood floors, the store features gifts, locally crafted merchandise and novelties. Old-fashioned candy in wooden barrels, classic chocolate bars, vintage gum and wooden toys have become a hallmark of the store.

The structure was built in 1900 as the W. H. Lee Hardware store, which serverd as both a retail store and sholeslaer for central West Virginia, being one of the largest in the state. Now it's a fun family spot to visit.

Original offerings by local artisans

When Mountain Laurel Country Store was first envisioned, incorporating locally made crafts and gifts was an important aspect of our business plan. Among the earliest items presented to us for sale in our store were woodcrafts harkening back to the "Old Man of the Woods" - who we later learned was a regional moniker for Sasquatch, which had been observed in the mountains of West Virginia for generations but was simply taken as another feature of the Appalachian Mountains. It was not long before Sasquatch - or Bigfoot - was adopted as the stoer mascot, and wood carvings of the local legend became popular sales item, and a full size Sasquatch, carved from one piece of hemlock, currently greets visitors as they ender Mountain Laurel Country Store.

We are honored to server as an outlet for more than 40 cosignors from West Virginia and Pennsylvania making a broad randge of crafts, housewares, gifts and novelty items. From jewelry fashioned by furied crafts people to carved woodcrafts by local woodworkers to wind chimes made from repurposed flatware, we offer a wide array of items to fit any budget in and presented in an environment reminiscent of a Turn-Of-The-Century general store.

From old fashioned stick candy, bagged hard candy in barrels, a glass counter filled with classic chocolate bars, and single serving candy in glass jars to items like tumblers, binoculars and caps suitable for the hiker and trailblazer, Mountain Laurel Country Store strives to provide a full array of items to satisfy every interest.


+1 (717) - 228 - 7524


400 4th Street, Sutton WV

Open hours

Wed - Fri : 10AM - 6PM
Sat : 10AM - 4PM